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outspoken against obama. two agents came to our home. we'll have more on that story tomorrow. >> that is a good tease. >> see you tomorrow. ♪ >> we have a couple of marins that look good. i have a change of suit but i don't know about our prime minister. there we g. that's good. you guys, i am 0 about it. >> when it rains it pours. good evening. i am bret baier. the steady drizzle that forced president obama under umbrella provided new disclosures in the big three scandals that we have told you about and two more potential problems that lomb like thunderclouds.
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we have fox team coverage. how the justice department lost track of terrorist on the criminal program. we begin with wendal goular and the president navigating the choppy waters of three scandals. >> the chairman. irs and his was the second head to fall in the scandals that president obama wrestled this week. in a q & a session president obama said the white house and congress can fix the problems of the irs without the need of the special counsel and the tea party groups seeking tax exempt status. he was asked if anyone heard of thems before his counsel
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got word last month? >> i certainly did not know anything about the ig report before the ig report had been leaked through press, to the press. >> republicans say they complained about the irs between 2010 and 2012. a day after firing the acting commissioner for irs stephen miller, they are attempting to rebuild the trust in the irs. >> we have to make sure it is doing its job scrupulously. >> president obama called for improved training and faster military response to protect the military outpost. >> we need congress to work with us so we can fully implement all
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of the recommendations. >> the republicans say in march, congress provided more than 2 billion more to address embassy security. the phone records, mr. obama shrugged it off. you can draw your own conclusions. >> the president said he has complete confidence in attorney general holder. >> he does his job with integrity and i expect he will do so. nmr. obama said there are dangerous outpost and part of his job and protecting them and what they do. >> thank you. now to the new kids on the block when it comes to administration problems, in this case out of the cellblock.
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they join us weeks after the white house explanation. you may recall last february releasing 2,000 detain authority eehs and they do so. and at the time. jay carney assured reporters that no dangerous criminals were released. >> they released the low- risk of detainees to say in ice's over all budget. >> under the threat of subpeona. dhs disclosed details about the detaineys. six tlo had crim that will roars and one had been convicted of an extreme case of dui and causing
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damage it property. and another had conviction of guns. ice reapprehended 24 of the tlo and eight others were not returned. in a statement and i write bipartisan pair of senators blasted dhs for the release and recommended that disciplinary action be considered for the ice agents responsible. >> we have a secretary of homeland security. she is responsible. would they release2,000 people without consulting her. >> dhs claim that the funding for detention beds were reduced.
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mccain claimed that the release was outrageous. we got a statement from dhs, with sequestration, ice agents released individuals that were not subject to mandatory detention and appropriate candidates for super vised released. >> the new headache for the administration is the program that keeps people hidden. but not supposed to be hidden from the government. molly has a details on the story that hit today. another general is raising a disturbing point. >> it is the witness protection program but the real name is witness security program. justice officials say two suspected terrorist terrorist in that program for cooperating with the government are account
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accounted for now. but according to a now report. the u.s. marshals service could not find them last july. they left the witness security program years ago and left the u.s. we don't know how long they left or off of the radar screen of the justice department. this program is voluntary and witnesses can decide to leave. it the fact that those two were missing at some point concerns members of congress. >> obviously we need to find out why we lost tract of them. >> the fact that you are cooperating with law enforcement doesn't mean you will not be doing terrorist terrorist acts. people are given new napes and identitties.
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they were not authorizing them to beon the no-fly list. therefore, it was possible for known terrorist to fly and evade one of the government's primary means of identifying and tracking terrorist movements and actions. the justice department said that is a problem that is now fixed. >> president obama has picked a now acting commissioner of the irs. last night's headline that the current leader is forced out lost the impact today. mike emmanuel tells us why. >> although president obama announced ste fan miller resignation. he was supposed to leave this
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month. today the president tried to turn the page. >> it is simply unacceptable for there to be a hint of partisanship for ideology when it comes to the tax laws. >> active group of the tea party were harassed by the irs. >> someone needs to be held responsible and in prison and prosecuted. resignation is a step in the right direction. but we need to know who wrote and approved the policy and they need to be held accountable. nas many as four irs employees will be disciplinary action in cincinnati. house democratic speaker nancy pelosi said there is no place for this activity. >> they must be held accountable for the action regardless of political affiliation or bias.
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they are disturbed by the treatment of conservative and religious groups. neverybody bent over back wards to be impartial and fair. you are reviewing the application and targeting only the conservative groups is outrageous. >> they are pushing for a probe on the leak. the confidential data published on human rights campaign and lbggroups. >> if you are abiding by the law and raising money for a cause that you believe in, you ought not have to worry about the irs making your life more difficult or easier. you ought to be expected to be treated fairly. >> the house ways and means committee want to question commissioner miller and the
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inspector who wrote the report. >> just to be clear, you think that is effective immediately. miller is in office until next week in his position until dan warford takes over. >> warfur is expected to start next week and there may be a overlap. but he did not leave his post immediately. >> how the irs scandal can take legs out of obama care. >> the president will not apologize for the seizure of journalist phone records. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
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>> the republicans are turning up the heat over the justice department seizure of phone roars of do-- records of phone.
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>> the associated press investigation. the president said his job is to protect national security first. >> i make no apology and the american people expect me not to be concerned about information that compromise their mission or get them killed. two republican congressman is not a letter to eric holder and his deputy asking for a special counsel to so if it violated the first amendment. we understand you are obligated to investigate national security leaks but does not give your department carte blanche ta launch an unprecedented probe. >> where does it end?
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the far left and right need to embrace each other. when you are a tea party or occupy movement this is about you. >> with the seizure of phone records encluding the house of representative, the republicans see a larger fundmental issue at bay. >> my number may show up on their records because the justice department has shown they are willing to do that. >> the president put the focus on democrats for a shield to protect journalist. >> how do we strike that balance properly and i think, now is the time for us to go a head and revisit that legislation. >> senator shumer said the senior democratic decideed to up the legislation. >> this is the obama administration in the fight with
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the alloys in the main stroem media and they are now talking about shield legislation. >> republicans are joined by a liberal voice who tweeted that holder should be fired over the handling of the ap- leak investigation and using colorful language brawed seizure of phone roars cannot be justified. >> president met with the pentagon leaders to talk about sexual assault. and he said there is no silver bullet to stop it. but in the past few days men assigned to investigate sexual assault has been arrested because of. it there is a plos investigation involving a domestic dispute. >> benghazi e-mails reveal that the republicans solid a e-mail
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on the story. there is lingering divisions in the administration and raises further questions about how it handled the deadly attacks of 9/11. >> these were cia drafted and cia finalized talking points. >> the state department insists that the e-mails released by the obama administration that the cia drove the talking points on benghazi. but the e-mail showed state department spokesman and dave a dams were major players and demanding answers to ansar al-sharia and extremist. >> those are concerns that we have known that the cia also shared. >> it is true that ste fan
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preston gave information. and they swiftly abandoned him. they e-mailed to say that the state department had major reservations for the document. we revised the document with those concerns in mind and the reason for deleting terrorism references, the cia offered only a couple of minor suggestions. after ansar al-sharia had been subscrubbed, the fbi said al-qaeda was involved and they are pursuing that theory. >> the only edits by the white house was stylist and corrected the description of the building, and the facility from conulate to diplomatic facility and the
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like. >> in fact tommy veter e-mailed to say that john brennan, a white house counter terrorism aid will have edits. they opted to editted the sectors. >> and the only credibility. no one believes that the white house spokes person jay carney they were stylistic changes. >> we'll see sworn congressional testimony by two co-chairs of the benghazi review board. >> thank you. still a head, a fox news exclusive. israel special fores are inside of syria? and how the irs scandal might choke off obama care. years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure.
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>> the house has finished debating another repeal attempt for president obama's health care law. one of the scandals doing the obama administration gave a new window to go after the president's legacy item. jim tells us how. >> several republicans halted the irs's role as the enforcer in the new health care law. >> if you can't trust them with taxes why do you trust with the health care? >> there is a massive amount of data from the affordable health care act is to make sure it doesn't get there in the first place. >> the government accountability
3:25 pm
office said the irs office has 47 different functions. >> they plan to hire 16,000 now irs fors for obama care and the inspector general expressed concern about the breadth of the responsibilities assigned to the ears. he said it is an unprecedented new role for the irs. it is the irs getting knee-deep involved and the administration of american health care. >> it will be governed by more than 20,000 pages. they will look at the exchanges and help determine the subsidies and which companies and individuals have to pay a.. the biggest insult the irs will
3:26 pm
determine if your insurance coverage is adequate. not you and your family but the irs. >> the irs, those are throw scary initials to most people. pelosi was discouraged by the repeal of the law. on the irs, one question is can it do what obama care requires, but after the latest scandal many are asking if it should have a role? >> the war on social media. republicans started a ha sh tag obama care in three words and the obama chimed in it is the law and a signature of the president. and speaker john boehner's office shot back with arro on on
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>> boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev left a note claiming responsibility for the attack. he wrote on the boat in which she was captured. he said the attacks were retribution for the war in iraq and afghanistan. he did not mourn his late brother because he was a martyr in paradise and expected to join him there soon. >> president obama is rattling the information about syria. >> we'll keep working for a syria that is free from assad's tyranny and inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups and a source of stability and not extremism. tonight graphic images.
3:32 pm
israel troops over the border in syria, their mission from our correspondent. >> this is a battlefield on the left hand side and rebel village on the right and pro government village. they are trading mortar fire all day. it helps to understand the geograpy from the israel border. our cameras captured for the first time israel commandos coming back from inside syria on a mission. the israelis are worried about extremist especially those linked to al-qaeda using the unrest in syria to launch an attack against the jewish state. they are doing whatever is necessary to prevent it. recent reports from inside syria shows mass deif he coulds from secullar rebel groups to radical
3:33 pm
militants. unconfirmed video surfaced from the al-qaeda group executing prisoners of war. god is great chanted townspeople after the execution. israel isn't taking any chances. israel deployed the forward artillery. it comes less than two weeks after israel jets bombed bombed facility in damascus and said more would come if syria gives weapons to hesbollah. israel is reenforcing their position with heavy armor. the fact that it is here is invilles of the ceasefire with syria and an agreement that is ripped up given the recent
3:34 pm
developments. >> six americans were killed in a suicide bombing in kabul afghanistan. nine other people died in the blast. it was the bloodiest attack in the afghan capittal since march. nresident in texas are picking up their pieces. six people were killed when tornados ripped through the region in granbury tonight. >> the deadly tornado that ripped through grand bury was an ef4. the twister packing winds of up to 200 miles per hour as it hit two neighbors and leaving total devastation. cars and debris and some dwellings erased completely from the foundations. >> we anyhow it was going to be
3:35 pm
bad. to so it in day light it just revealed the force of mother nature and the fear that people had to have experienced. nanother tornado touched down 25 miles away inically bourn a city of 30,000. the storm took out homes and cars and power lines. >> we felt the pressure inside of the closest. everybody's ears were pop anding my daughter is cry asking it lasted 4 or 5 machines. >> no deaths were reported in cleburne but the mayor declared a state of the emergency to start the resident to rebuild. >> it strikes home hard as i see them come out and they are seeing the damages that we are dealing with. >> the national weather service out of fort worth said this storm system generated ten separate tornados. >> casy, thank you.
3:36 pm
>> two more potential problems for the administration and two on-going scandals and the president addressed the press in the rain in the rose garden. we'll go over it with our all-stars when we return. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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so we found a plan that can travel with us. anywhere in the country. [ male announcer ] join the millions of people who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. >> can you assure the american people that noperiod in the
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white house knew about that. and should you learn about it before the news reports last friday. >> my main problem is if i canning a problem and we began that process by asking and accepting the resignation of the acting director there. let me make sure i answer specific question. i can assure you that certainly did not know anything about the ig report before it was leaked through the press, to the press. >> president obama in the rose garden in the rain today answers the questions about the irs scandal. dan werfel will be the new irs
3:41 pm
commissioner next week because the current acting commissioner who was a partnerly fired or forced resignation yesterday will still be in the job and doesn't leave until the 22nd. in fact, we are told by a close associate of his, miller was scheduled to love the acting commissioner role and retire a couple of months anyway. he remains the acting commissioner and the resignation by the president yesterday was mostly theater. we'll bring in joanna gold berg. and juan williams, and charles krauthammer. >> it was interesting and i am enjoying the media equivalent of the a rob spring and exciting to see the press cooper interested in its job all of the sudden. i don't know that president
3:42 pm
obama put much of anything away today. i thought it was interesting in the piece we saw, he was asked when he knew or anyone in the white hou white house knew. not the que and people perked up the eyebrows and said maybe they did know about this earlier than they are letting on. i think that is the kind of things that churned the water. juan, how the president answered it raised eyebrows in washington. >> i think people are looking for any slight thing and indication and it is slim pickenings at that point. the president took questions and it was a real sense when it comes to the irs, he feels he
3:43 pm
has taken action to repair the damage in terms of the trust of the american people breached on the left and right and the idea that irs would be used in political terms. the larger story about miller and the other week. he was the acting commissioner and he's the target for any reprimand. his name is associated with the scandal. >> you have to concede it is not too much of a remi mand. >> he was the acting commissioner for a now days. >> he's acting commissioner until next tuesday. nfor a few days. go back to when the scandal started and another acting commissioner and we'll see if miller will be up on capitol hill. >> for all of the characterization of a big room and east room announcement, the
3:44 pm
guy was leaving in june and going to leave the irs a couple of minutes later. >> lois learner is in her position. >> charles in >> it was a firing farce. it didn't have meaning. that is not the guy involved in this. you have to win the trust and where is these cincinnati guys and people in washington get the idea or authorization or instruction and who knows? did they wake up and decide to target the tea party all of their own? it is highly emimplausible. the president's answer to that question, it was clintonnian. he was asked if anybody in the white house knew? he just said i. he is have said no one knew. he said just i.
3:45 pm
he didn't say he was asked about the irs actions. he department say. i didn't know about the ig report. if you didn't know about this and never heard a come -- complant. >> it is a answer by a guy we have seen he and his folks and partisan words in a way that make clinton look unsophisticated and it is a question. but the other question he didn't answer. if his own counsel learns about this three weeks before. when we heard about this, we anyhow it was a massive scandal. counsel hears about this and doesn't tell the president three weeks about what is a massive scandal in >> dan was on cnn and said they did find out and learned ig was
3:46 pm
investigating the irs three weeks ago. not the details but an investigation was taken place. they didn't rely on hear say and media reports and didn't tell the president? >> i want to back up on this. imagine if progressive groups or gay groups or black sufficiently rights groups went to the new york times saying we are persecuted by the irs going back two years, does anybody believe that the white house would spend two years rolling their eyes and saying nothing is going on there and no one would pick up the phone and try to get to the bottom of this? it is interesting what dan said for the last three weeks. because it was the tea party and conservative they celebrated the discrimination of the groups.
3:47 pm
if it was any other group the white house would do more. >> juan, dan said they department tell the president, but doesn't somebody said boss, something may hit the fan. >> i don't know. i am not in there. >> but what -- >> i am taken back about this. the idea of oirs in politics is indefensible. i am taken aback. it is as if the supreme court never changed the rules so that political groups could apply for a 5014 status and use it to not disclose donors and be involved in political activities. that's what the irs was after. they were engaged in imposing rules when it was a wild, wild west. >> it is only on the right. >> they did it.
3:48 pm
and first of all, no one got denied tax exempt status, but secondly, applications came from the right, charles. >> they denied no one on the left. >> they denied no one on the right. >> they denied no body. >> but justice skalia. and we'll keep it down the road. >> this is a small number. >> one guy who file would for approval and it took him 17 months and he gave up and reapplied with greenhouse solutions and got it in three weeks. there is a discrimination going on. >> they were trying to impose rules on a lawless system with no rules. >> they are targeting tea party and patriots. >> they were wrong to use tea party and patriots because it was applied to conservative
3:49 pm
groups. >> i don't understand your point. discrimming on the right could make them wait a year or 2 or 3. and that is not idea logical? >> again, it is not right to do it politically. >> it is not right to do politically or legally. >> no, that's why we are having the discussion. supreme court ruling and the fact that there were no rules for the organizations. >> that was a heated discussion. we'll talk about the other points after the break. why are twice as many people choosing verizon over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability.
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>> our system requires the bonds of trust between the american people and the government. and those bonds, once broken, are very hard to repair. nothing dissolves the bonds between people and the government like the power here in washington. that's what the american people are seeing today from the obama administration. remarkable arrogance. >> bret: speaker boehner today. we are back with the panel wrapping up. you have got the a.p. scandal that the president talked about and then benghazi as well. continuing. >> you put it together with the source you did earlier tonight about the felons who were released by d.h.s. you know, obama ran as a man who would not only change washington but change the essence of politics itself in america as called of olympian historic figure. he can't each run the bureaucracy. that's what we are seeing. there is iragainst a, of course, but there is incompetence of the highest
3:54 pm
order. it's not surprising he never ran a candy store until he became president. the pose he has is the bystander. i learned about it in the press. attorney general, i have no idea how any of this is happening with a.p. everybody is pree pretending d.h.s. who knows how the felons were released. they are all acting like the heads of the government are bystanders who get informed by reading the paper in the morning. this is san indictment of people who believe in big government, want to expand it, have it control healthcare and cannot run the minimal essence of the duties of government. >> bret: read this morning, juan, the internal thinking is that the president has his mojo back. >> i don't know what they're drinking because, clearly, it's been a bad week for the president. i disagree with charles. i think the president is pretty clear in saying that he was not apologizing for what happened at the a.p. he feels there is some kind of prosecution taking place and the proper pursuit of people who were potentially putting the american people at risk, picking up on what
3:55 pm
eric holder said yesterday. then he said he thinks holder is an outstanding attorney general. >> the last time i was on this panel bun one of the things i had to respond to was obama's commencement speech at ohio state where he was doing this whole belittling people who think tyranny is around the corner, don't understand the government us is. we are all the government. and the second thing that hit the fan. david ax axelrod. the government is too fast for him knowing all these things going on. the government subpoenaing the press, signaling out and% indicating people on personal views. it turns out that this sort of 10th grade student government approach to political philosophy doesn't actually apply very much in the real world where in a real democracy people have real differences. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a moment in the spotlight and what it can do to even congressman on capitol hill.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, there are many big hearings on capitol hill, especially in recent days with all of this swirling around. and when lawmakers have their five minutes of questioning in a hearing, everyone is watching, the pressure is on, the clock is ticking. just ask howard kobel from north carolina. >> now i'm having a senior moment. i forgot what i was going to ask you.
4:00 pm
it will come back to me in due time. oh, well, maybe it won't. [ laughter ] >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. breaking news now. for the third time in two weeks a member of the military in charge of preventing sexual assault is in trouble with the law. this time it's about stalking. plus, twisters in twisters everything in their paths,. >> there is nothing left. >> i mean, everything is gone. >> shepard: it was a whole string of tornadoes. folks say one of them was a mile wild. tonight, the damage, the destruction, and the search for survivors. new word that lawyers for jodi arias tried to quit her case after a jury convicted her of killing

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